Most of you will have heard of League of Legends or DOTA 2. These competitive strategy games are played by millions of people around the world. The question is, were you aware that these games are now considered to be sports?

Well, technically they’re E-sports. Teams of five gather together at massive events to compete with each other. People come to watch these games being played much like the way people go to see a football match.

Why have these games suddenly become so popular that people are willing to watch them like this? What is it that has cause E-sports to grow so quickly?

Technological Advancement

The idea of E-sports is an online sports game via the internet or local area connection and based on a video game. None of this would be possible without our current level of technology. Just two decades ago we were still toying with the concept of online gaming via LAN connections, let alone connecting to someone in a completely different part of the world!

As the internet gets more popular, so too does online gaming to the point where it is possible to hold events and conventions devoted to these games. Information technology and network advancement are the sources of E-sports newfound power.

Business Opportunities

E-sports isn’t a charity or anything. The people who host these massive gatherings earn megabucks from it. The online business world is booming to the point that any relevant, successful business has online information now.

Through the use of online marketing techniques and other such marketing strategies, E-sport events get more participants for the days in question. Not only that, but they also gain money through the millions of people who watch the events online as well.

When League of Legends owners host a competition, they have more than a million people watching the event live, sometimes even several million. The owners earn revenue for every view of their event, earning them back everything they spend a hundred times over!

The simple fact that E-sports can make people loads of money is reason enough already as to how it has grown so quickly. Every event is bigger than the last because those hosting it have more to work with than the previous time. Consequently, every event earns them more money because of being larger and more sophisticated in the execution thereof.

The Concept of E-sports

Let’s face it, most of us love video games in one way or another. Sure, some people avoid them for the sake of conserving their time, but those of us who embrace gaming would jump at the chance to make a career out of it.

If I was good at a game and someone asked me to play in a team of 5 and earn tons of money whether I won or lost, I wouldn’t hesitate to accept!

As technology advances, E-sports will continue to grow as an economic stronghold and a source of immense entertainment for the whole world over!


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